Wholesale empty 30ml 50ml 100ml 150ml white plastic PE cosmetic squeeze printing tube with flip top cover

We develop mold according to customer’s request, creates your style, innovated and distinctive packaging and makes your products outstanding among other products.

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We develop mold according to customer’s request, creates your style, innovated and distinctive packaging and makes your products outstanding among other products.We offer a variety of closures, from sprayer,pump,droper,flip-top,screw-on,etc. If current items we offer are not what you are looking for, R&D team is ready to work with you on your custom closure design and keep abreast of global developments and innovations in tube making design and decorating ● Rich experience in mold making for packing industry ● Skillful engineers in designing ● Advanced mode making equipment ● Tube extrusion & Decoration- Production department The finishing touch, up to six color offset, silk-screening, hot stamping or labeling will give your bottle the brilliance it rightfully deserves.Skillful workers and engineers guarantee the quality stability of mass production and low production waste rate which lower your purchasing cost. The round tube diameter ranges from 13mm to 60mm. Also, available are other choices with diversified and stylish shapes like oval, super-oval tubes and unique PCR and sugarcane tubes. Comprehensive range of tubes are matched with a variety of caps. Low Cost but high quality for Your Own Request! Based on years of experience we develop quality suppliers of cosmetic tube industry- PE, Ink, and other concerning raw materials. During years of cooperation we select suitable and reliable suppliers as partners. We work together as a team to serve customers efficiently. Offer useful technical guidance to suppliers who provide us fittings. With long-time experienced in this field, we can follow the market trend to provide fashionable plastic tube.I Would Like To Know What The Differences Are Between The Airless Pump Design Versus Standard Cosmetic Packaging. Traditional cosmetic jars and bottles often require that you dip your finger in to dispense product or utilize a dip tube. The airless bottles and jars use a clever vacuum mechanic to dispense the product as you pump. This helps to keep your product preserved by keeping air and contaminants out of your product and allows your clients to get full usage of the product as the airless pump pushes product from the bottom of the container to the top.   How Do You Fill The Lip Gloss Containers? There are several methods for filling lip gloss tubes. They are intended to be machine filled in a lab, but you can easily fill them at home. There are commercial grade syringes that work well for filling them. We have also seen some small business owners use household tools such as a turkey baster, or pastry icing applicator. These methods are elected in place of the preferred method where tubes are filled in a cosmetic laboratory by machine. It also comes down to what would work best with the viscosity of your unique formula.   What Cosmetic Packaging Products Do You Carry? We carry a wide variety of cosmetic packaging products while specializing in airless pump design bottles and jars. This wide range of products include: airless pump bottles, acrylic cosmetic jars, cosmetic pump bottles, lotion pump bottles, lip gloss containers, wholesale plastic bottles, and plastic bottle caps.

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